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Bluw Wing teal Hen.

   Welcome to Hillman Decoy's. I'm Jode Hillman and I'd like to thank you for visiting  the online gallery of my work. The decoys on this site vary from simple Delaware River Style, to intricately detailed wildlife art. Yet One thing they all share however is my desire to artistically capture the essence of each species. No works are for sale unless noted. Please  feel free however to contact me about a commission if you'd like. Also be sure to view any currently available decoys I may have. I can be reached by Phone/ Text 856-534-9400
or by e-mail at jodehillman@comcast.net 

 Thanks, Jode 






Recently A friend stopped by and shot a little carving video. He took raw footage and turned it into something really neat. I thought some of my friends might enjoy seeing it.  You can view it by following the link below.









Updated August 11th  2018

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