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Me with a pair of my Eastern shore Mallards


The purpose of this page is to catalog news, events, and articles, both past and present, that are relevant to Jode Hillman Decoys.


 I will be listing new events here such as show dates, demonstation schedules and auction news. 










March 12 th 2016-I'll be at  the Two Rivers Show in Rumson NJ.




February 21st and 28th 2016-I will be teaching part #2 of my Wigeon  carving Class at The Tuckerton Seaport. Contact Jackie at the seaport for more details.



March 25 th 2017- I'll be at the New Jersey Decoy Collectors show at the Manahawkin Holiday Inn. Formerly at the Parkertown firehouse. A great show for new and old decoys.




April 8th and 9th 2016- The ECDC show at the Best Western in St. Michaels MD. Don't miss out on a great time. Bar-B-Cue Saturday afternoon.






May 7th 2016- I'll be attending the Hdg decoy show for the day Saturday. Hope to have a good time in a classic decoy town.







Sept. 24th-25th 2016 I will be set up on the park beach for the 34th annual Tuckerton Decoy show. One of the best shows in the country and a great time for all ages!






Oct.12th +19th 2014- I will be teaching an Advanced carving class at the Tuckerton Seaport. This years class wil be a carvers choice of a Wigeon  Hen or Drake.  You can find out more information by visiting the Seaport's Website on my links page. 







Nov. 11th and 12th 2014- I will be at the Easton Waterfowl festival Tailgate Swap. A nice time to get a crack at collectable decoys before the weekend! A very popular event with carvers and collectors alike. 














Feb 2005- Best of show Honors at annual Toms River Decoy Show.





Sept 2005 - New Jersey Decoy collectors featured  "Alive" carver at Fall kick off meeting. 






Jan 2006 - Drake Wood Duck choosen for the 2006 NJ Waterfowl Stamp.  Stamp released  August 2006.  See NJ duck stamp page for more information. 





Feb 2006- Had fun Judging  the Delaware  River birds at the Toms River show !  






Sept 2006- Article written by Allen Linkchorst  covering some of my work, featured in "Decoy Magazine"   ( May-June

2006 cover date)  Click link below to read the article.







Sept 23+24 2006-  Enjoyed judging the Green-wings at this years Tuckerton show!







Dec 2006- Green-Wing Teal pair on display in the Marshelder Gun Club at the Tuckerton Seaport.  Wood Duck pair on display as part of the Duck Stamp exhibit in the Main Seaport Museum.   





January 2007- One of my Curly-neck Black ducks featured in Rod Taylor's  "Fresh from The Bench " series in "Hunting and Fishing collectables "  magazine.  






May 2007- Crow sculpture featured in the May-June 2007 "Hunting and Fishing collectables" magazine.





May 2007-  Profiled in "Decoy Magazine's" story  about the Tuckerton Seaport. 






 Sept-2007- Enjoyed being one of the judges for this years Delaware river contest at Tuckerton!






Sept-Oct 2007- My Huck Caines inspired Drake mallard featured in Fresh From the bench series in "Hunting and Fishing Collectables" magazine.Click link below to read the article.







Oct 7th + 14th 2007-  I enjoyed teaching the advanced carving class at the Tuckerton Seaport.  It was focused on techniques and processes used in carving one of my favorites, the pintail drake.  





January 2008-  Best of Show  honors at the 2008 Toms River-Ocean County Art and Decoy show.





Spring 2008-  I was honored to  participate in the National Endowment for the Arts "Artist in Residence" program.  I worked in conjunction with the Tuckerton Seaport in this project making a drake Wood Duck that is now part of the Seaports permanant collection. 





June 2008-  A Black Duck  featured in Ron Koch's article "Another View on Decoy Collecting" in Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine.





January 2009- I was honored to be  selected as the  "Featured Artist" at the 25th annual Toms River art and decoy Show.





May-June 2009- My story of "DUCKY" published in

"Hunting and Fishing Collectibles" magazine. Click link below to read "DUCKY".






October 2009-   "World class collection is Just Ducky"

 Nice article on collector and friend Marvin Stanman published in Southern Ca. Newspaper.  You can read the story by following this link.  http://www.the-signal.com/archives/17338/







July-August 2010- The story of my Spring Turkey hunt using my own Turkey hen  decoy featured in the "Turkey Talk" Department of "Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine" You can read the article by clicking this link.




September 25th 2010- Select peices will be available at New Jersey Audubon's "Sluice Creek Gallery" Located on the premises of the Cape May Bird Observatory in Goshen NJ. You can contact Gallery Director, Sue Zipper @ 1-609-861-0700 for more details.





May 26th 2011- http://sjfolklife.blogspot.com/
Reasearcher Tom Carrol's Blog about  Southern New Jersey folk life and his visit gunning with Sean Sutton and myself. Some nice pics here.






July 2011-  A pair of my Green-wing teal and some of my photography featured in Decoy Magazine  article by Dick Gove  on " New Jersey Teal" You can read the article below.




September 2011-   The story about the creation of my trophy Weakfish carving featured in "Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine"  You can read the story by clicking on the link below.





February 2012- One of my Hooded merganser decoys and a friends Lab pup pictured in "Gun Dog magazine."  You can see the picture by clicking the link below.




April 2012- Barnegat Bay chapter of Delta Waterfowler's "Carver Of The Year" For 2012.




August 2014- Pleased to be working with the Ward Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts in "Carving out Future Decoy Makers" Project.  I will be guiding six local carvers in making a decoy for the Ward Museum Show in October.



February 2015- A pair of my black ducks Featured in the cover photo of Of " A Primitive Place" magazine. The issue covered the top 10 collectibles for 2015.

March 2015- I was selected as the New Jersey Decoy collectors Association's "Carver of the Year" for 2015.

March 2015- One of my Swans from my gunning rig sells at auction for a record $5,750.

April- 2017 My Two Part Series on Railbird Hunting and the rebuilding of a railbird Skiff is Published in Hunting and Fishing Collectibles magazine.

February 2018- Rail Skiff Update. Published in Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine.

MY Article in the 2019 April "Hunting and Fishing collectible Magazine."Featuring my Black Duck

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