2006 NJ Duck Stamp

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2006 NJ Duck Stamp
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2006 NJ Waterfowl Stamp

The Retriever Puppy Series/Print IV - "The Golden Retriever Puppy"

This is the twenty-third stamp to be issued by New Jersey and the fourth in the Retriever Puppy Series and features a Golden Retriever puppy. Painted by award winning artist Roger Cruwys, the stamp features a wood duck decoy carved by Jode Hillman.

  The purpose of this page is  to contain the information about the 2006 NJ waterfowl stamp. The history , artist information, and print availability are all contained below. Thanks ,Jode

The New Jersey Division of Fish and  Game  selected one of my Drake Wood Ducks to be featured on the 2006 New Jersey  Waterfowl stamp and print series. I was honored to be selected  and  I am  proud  to be part of such an important conservation effort.  

The 2006  NJ duck stamp  is complete and  can be seen above.  I think it is nicely done  and the proceeds will greatly benefit  waterfowl here in NJ. The stamp and prints  are available from the NJ Division of Fish and Game by visiting their website or by clicking on the PDF order form available below. 
Artist  information is  also available by clicking the  following link.
http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/        Fish and Game home page.

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